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About Us

Welcome to Courtesy of Culture —the exploration of cultures by way of travel and through trendy fashion from different regions of the world. 

Our name defined means ‘arts and manifestations of the world supplied free of charge.' One can achieve Courtesy of Culture by traveling to different parts of the world and experiencing life as a native especailly through fashion.  We find trendy fashions belonging to different regions and cultures of the world and bring them here on our platform. We also encourage a minimalist lifestyle, especially in relation to travel. By clearing out the clutter, you make room for the important things in your life. 

Aderia Johnson, was inspired to establish Courtesy of Culture from personal international travel experiences. “As a citizen of the world you owe it to yourself and your hosts to take the time to understand the basics of the country you are visiting. Not simply as a tourist, but more as a unique individual living and experiencing life as the native citizen.”

This website is a database to enlighten the world of unique and trendy fashions from small vendors who sell items unique to their cultures.  We want to create a movement that has been inspired by positive actions and shared experiences allowing the website to become a platform showcasing the individuality of each country's culture and to communicate their message.  

We encourage and inspire people to travel as much and as often as they can.

Mission Statement: Our vision is to spread positive energy, knowledge and power through fashion and culture.  We desire to grow a strong community of creators, entrepreneurs, and story tellers to communicate the relevance of individual cultures and their values, while serving as in inspiration to others.